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Pullet Cage

Need robust, safe, clean, easy-to-maintain and efficient cage system for pullet rearing? Dingtuo's pullet cage system will be your preferred choice. Why us? Our pullet rearing cage offers the advantages you really need.

The followed specification is A-frame cage system, for H-frame cage system please contact us.

A-Frame Pullet Cage System Advantages:
1. The cage is manufactured using galvanized low carbon wires which feature high tensile and compressive strength.
2. Unique design of the poultry rearing equipment makes it easy to observe the growth of pullets and makes for grouping and selecting.
3. Automatic and regular manure removal system can effectively reduce the disease and death rate of pullets.
4. Feed troughs of our pullet cage are provided with adjusting plate which can meet the feeding requirements of pullets in different growth stages.
5. This cage system comes with adequate positions for chicks to eat and drink, so each chick boasts excellent uniformity and health.
6. Raising capacity per unit area increases by 50%-100% as compared with floor rearing system.
7. Pressure regulator keeps the water pressure at a certain level to ensure uniform water feeding.
8. Automatic feeding system, water supply system and manure removal system are available to realize professional and automated pullet rearing.

Technical Parameters
1. A-Frame Pullet Cage, Three Tiers
Cage size (one set) (LxWxH): 1.99mx2.55mx2.02m
Cage size (one side) (LxWxH): 1.95mx0.5mx0.35m
Raising area for each pullet: 0.325m²
Raising capacity: 10 pullets/cage; 180 pullets/set

2. A-Frame Pullet Cage, Four Tiers
Cage size (one set)(LxWxH): 1.99mx2.75mx2.56m
Cage size (one side) (LxWxH): 1.95mx0.5mx0.35m
Raising area for each pullet: 0.325m²
Raising capacity: 10 pullets/cage; 240 pullets/set

3. Parameters of Single Pullet Cage
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.99mx2.75mx2.56m (Two Sides)
Cage size (one door) (LxWxH): 650mmx500mmx350mm
Raising area for each pullet: 0.325m²
Raising capacity: 10 pullets/cage

Product Use:
The poultry cage is mainly used for rearing pullets. One-day old pullets can be directly raised in the cage where they will grow up to 12 weeks old and be transited to battery cages for egg production.

Design Sketch
1. Pullet Cage with Two Sides

2. Feeding System
3-Tier pullet cage height: 1563mm
Manure pit width: 2000mm

3. Manure Removal System
Manure pit depth (Front-back): 300mm-500mm
Size of manure pit outside the hen house (Width x Depth): 2x1.5m

4. 3D Design Sketch
5. 3D Product Show
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