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Broiler Cage

Here you will find a multi-tier cage system for hygienic, efficient and successful broiler rearing and growing.

The followed specification is A-frame cage system, for H-frame cage system please contact us.

Dingtuo A-Frame Broiler Cage System Advantages:
1. Raising amount per unit area is increased by 50%-100% as compared with floor rearing.
2. Automatic water supply system enables each broiler to drink enough water, thus ensuring uniform and health growing.
3. The broiler production equipment can be equipped with specialized indoor cooling system which effectively reduces indoor temperature and lowers death by heat suffocation.
4. The chicken cage system is easy to operate, thereby saving labors for you.
5. With automatic manure removal system, it can effectively reduce disease and death rate of broilers.
6. Raising in cage reduces broiler's movement, accelerate growing, save feeds and improve feed conversion ratio.
7. The broiler cage is available in large size aluminum and zinc plated feed trough and PVC feed trough. Lengthened design of trough edge can effectively reduce waste of feeds.
8. Cage rearing makes it convenient for breeders to observe broilers' growing and divide them into groups.
9. Both hot-dip galvanized and cold-dip galvanized cage wires and cage stands are available. They are all able to improve broiler cage's service life.

Technical Parameters
Cage size (one set): 1600(L)x2000(W)x1620(H) mm
Singe cage size: 800(L)x620(W)x420(H) mm
Cages at one side: 2, with 4 doors
Raising capacity: 9 broilers/cage
Raising area for each broiler: 551cm²

Product Use
The broiler cage system is mainly used for rearing broilers. One day old broiler chicks can be directly put into the cage and raised to 45 days old. Cage is unnecessarily changed during their growing.

Design Sketches
Fully Automatic A-Frame Broiler Cage, Three Tiers
1. A-frame broiler cage with two sides

2. Feeding System
Feed tower, auto feeding machine for uniform feeding;
Distance between two rows: 0.99m(Space for at least one operator)
Height of 3-tier cage: 2.208m
Manure pit width: 2m

3. Manure Removal System
Manure pit depth (Front-back):300mm-500mm
Size of manure pit outside the hen house (Width x Depth): 2x1.5m

4. 3D Layout
5. 3D Product Show
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