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Poultry Cage

At Dingtuo, we supply a wide range of cages for poultry production including layer or battery cages, pullet cages and broiler cages. These poultry cages, especially chicken cages are manufactured using high quality materials with specific treatments for high robustness and low maintenance. They are modularly assembled to form an automatic poultry cage system, producing optimal egg-producing accommodations for your poultry while keeping your operation clean, efficient and profitable.

    1. Layer Cage / Battery Cage

      The A-frame layer cage or battery cage system is manufactured by Dingtuo, a professional poultry equipment manufacturer from China, for safe and efficient egg production.

    1. Pullet Cage

      Need robust, safe, clean, easy-to-maintain and efficient cage system for pullet rearing? Dingtuo's pullet cage system will be your preferred choice. Why us? Our pullet rearing cage offers the advantages you really need.

    1. Broiler Cage

      The broiler production equipment can be equipped with specialized indoor cooling system which effectively reduces indoor temperature and lowers death by heat suffocation.

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