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Traveling Hopper Feeding System

Currently, in many poultry farms, feeding is carried out manually, not only wasting time and labor but also resulting in low efficiency, uneven feeding and harm to human body due to dust. This is why Dingtuo attach great importance to the development of automatic feeding system. Now, our traveling hopper feeding system designed to the market demands can handle such problems.

The traveling hopper feeder comes with reasonable construction and high robustness. It is more practical and more time and labor saving. This poultry feeding system employs 3-phase power supply and a current surge protector, drastically improving operation safety. The hopper travel stably to ensure uniform feeding. Traveling speed can be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers. In a word, the cage feeding system can effectively enhance your working efficiency and reduce feed loss.

Structural Features
Dingtuo's traveling hopper feeding system consists of support system, traveling drive system, discharging drive system, feed amount adjustment system and power distribution system.

1. Support System
Support of the feeding system is fabricated from high quality steel by welding. Based on years of design experience from our engineers, the support features reasonable structure, large bearing capacity and no deformation.

2. Traveling Drive System
Drive by a vertical motor with advanced cycloidal pin gear speed reducer, the hopper travels stably. The drive system ensures no loss, low fault, high longevity and low noise. Especially, noise reduction is great for chickens, improving egg production rate.

3. Hopper Traveling System
Transmission mechanism of the hopper traveling system comprises chains and sprocket wheels. Traveling wheel is manufactured using superior cast iron, ensuring excellent shock absorption effect and high resistance to corrosion. Guide rails are constructed from rectangular and square profiles which enable stable traveling, prevent slipping and save power consumption. Traveling speed is maintained at 12m/min around.

4. Discharging Drive System
The discharging system is driven by a variable speed motor and reducer. Speed of the motor can be adjusted within 15-75r/min. It provides high sensitivity, strong bearing capacity, low noise, long service life, easy operation, elegant appearance and compact size.

5. Feed Amount Adjusting System
The discharging wheel is a high quality molded plastic part. It can prevent foreign matters falling into the hopper and damaging other parts. The wheel can be adjusted to keep the feed amount consistent. By adjusting the speed of motor, feed amount ranges from 1.25Kg to 5.85Kg every 12 meters.

7. Power Distribution System
Power distribution system applies national standard components. After it starts up, the hopper feeder travels until the tail part and stop automatically. This ensures large labor savings and high ease of management. We can also design electrical control system to customers' requirements.

8. Lifting System
The traveling hopper feeding system is equipped with a lifting system. It is composed of horizontal conveying system and vertical conveying system. The vertical conveyor lifts the feeds from ground to the horizontal conveyor which transports them and distributes uniformly to each hopper. When the hopper is filled up, the system will stop automatically.

Product Applications, Shown in Pictures
A-Frame Feeding System

H-Frame Feeding System
3D Layout Effect

Installation and Commissioning
1. Install the whole chicken feeding system according to installation drawing. After installation, you have to carry out commissioning to ensure there are no faults:
a. Each fastening should be firm;
b. Transmission part is flexible;
c. Hopper travels stably, and each traveling mechanism should be lubricated;
d. Electrical parts are sensitive;
e. Wiring is reasonable;
f. Each limit switch is reliably installed;
g. Stop blocks at two ends works reliably;
h. Hopper should be fastened using bolts, without loosing phenomenon, and connection pipes are free from right and left play;
i. Bolts at each feed discharger must be fastened, and discharge wheel is not allowed to have play;
j. Fasten each adjusting nut to avoid looseness during traveling.

2. Lay the Rails
To make sure feeder travels stably along a straight line, the rail should be laid horizontally and it has to be flat and smooth at the rail joints. Distance between two rails is consistent. Every other 1-2m, 12 steel bars are used to fasten the rail to prevent dislocation.

Usage of the Traveling Hopper Feeding System
1. Adjust the discharge wheel in each hopper to the same position and start pre discharging;
2. Put container under each port to catch the feed and weigh if the feed in each container has the same weight after one minute; if it has not, adjust the wheel again until discharge of each hopper reaches the same amount.
3. Conduct feeding as the hoppers and discharge wheels in them are well adjusted, and see whether they work stably.
4. Adjust variable speed motor to change the discharge amount.
5. Discharge amount depends on actual demands of each poultry farm.

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