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Poultry Climate Control System

Controlling the climate in poultry houses is a complex and costly task, but it can be achieved with a good climate control system. At Dingtuo, we are proud to provide an excellent poultry house ventilation system for your needs. The system is an ideal poultry cooling system composed of porous evaporative cooling pad, water circulation system and fans.

Working Principle
Under the force of fans, hot air outside the poultry house is inhaled inside through the evaporative cooling pad where the water will absorb the heat and vaporize. Then, air in the house is cooled down. Negative pressure fans work based on the cooling principle of cross-ventilation. They are installed around the gate or windows to inhale fresh air to forcefully exhaust muggy air and improve in-house climate.

1.Evaporative Cooling Pads; 2.Fans; 3.Crosswise cooling system; 4.Lengthwise cooling system
Components of the Poultry Climate Control System
1. Fans

2. Evaporative Cooling Pads
Features of our Poultry Climate Control System
Components Fans Evaporative Cooling Pads
Features 1. Shell of the poultry house fans is fabricated from extremely thick galvanized plate which provides superb corrosion resistance.
2. Shell is machined using CNC machine tool which ensures extremely high precision.
3. Hub is available in high strength aluminum alloy and cast steel.
4. The fan blades are made using new punch forming process.
5. Reasonable blade profile enables the maximum air flow.
6. Relying on a high accuracy micro-computer aided manufacturing system, the fans in our poultry climate control system can play its maximum performance.
7. Strict quality test procedure: noise test, vibration test, concentric property test, blade speed test, overall efficiency test
8. The fans are powered by 380V high performance motor (Water, dust and lightning proof).
9. They come in iron and GRP wind collector.
10. Safety nets are easy to dismantle.
11. They feature CAD optimum design.
1. The evaporative cooling pad is made of high density fiber paper. Cut surface is so clean and tidy and will not likely to accumulate dust.
2. It is a completely eco-friendly product. High permeability ensures water uniformity in vertical direction, thus enhancing cooling efficiency.
3. Low operation cost results in high and fast return on investment. Compared with traditional air conditioning with compressor, it ensures very low power consumption, only 1/8-1/10 of the air conditioning. In addition, water absorption reaches 60-70mm/min or 200mm/1.5hour.
4. It provides obvious cooling effect. In relatively humid area, it is able to decrease temperature in poultry house by about 5-10 ℃ . In hot and dry area, cooling range reaches 10-15 ℃ .
5. The evaporative cooling pads used in our poultry climate control system come with no surface activator. It can rapidly absorb and spread water. One water drop can be completely distributed in 4-5 seconds. 4. Different colors are available including brownish yellow, brown and brownish black.
Fans Technical Parameters
Models Blade diameter mm Blade speed r/m Fan speed r/min Air flow m3/h Total pressure pa Noise db Input power kw Rated voltage v Overall dimension (L/W/T) mm
DT-710 710 560 ≥1400 18000 55 ≤70 370 380 800/800/370
DT-900 900 560 ≥1400 28000 60 ≤70 550 380 1000/1000/370
DT-1000 1000 560 ≥1400 30000 62 ≤70 750 380 1100/1100/370
DT-1250 1250 360 ≥1400 39000 55 ≤70 750 380 1380/1380/370
DT-1400 1400 360 ≥1400 52000 60 ≤70 1100 380 1530/1530/370
Evaporative Cooling Pads Technical Parameters
Size DT-7 DT-5
H(MM) 1500,1800,2000 1500,1800,2000
W(MM) 600,300 600,300
D(MM) 100,150,200,300 100,150,200,300
H(MM) 7 5
α (*) 45 45
β (*) 45 45
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