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Automatic Poultry Equipment

Dingtuo Machinery from China is a professional manufacturer of poultry solutions for layers, pullets and broilers. We supply a wide range of poultry equipment for your fully automatic poultry breeding needs such as feed bins, egg collector, manure removal system, etc.

    1. Feed Bins and Feed Conveying System

      This highly enhances silo strength and service life. In addition, corrugated steel plates ensure precise installation. Zinc coating weight and thickness are strictly controlled to meet outdoor use requirements.

    1. Traveling Hopper Feeding System

      The traveling hopper feeder comes with reasonable construction and high robustness. It is more practical and more time and labor saving. This poultry feeding system employs 3-phase power supply and a current surge protector, drastically improving operation safety.

    1. Egg Collection System

      For today's poultry farms, it is essential to choose the right egg collection system that will save time and money and produce high-quality and clean eggs with a minimum number of cracked eggs.

    1. Manure Removal System

      Whether you are running cage or floor poultry production, the manure removal system is an ideal choice to keep your poultry house well clear of manure. It is easy to operate and provides high practicality. Currently, wide applications of this manure removal solution have been found in layer, broiler, quail, duck, geese and other poultry houses as well as pig, sheep, cow and other domestic animal farms.

    1. Poultry Climate Control System

      At Dingtuo, we are proud to provide an excellent poultry house ventilation system for your needs. The system is an ideal poultry cooling system composed of porous evaporative cooling pad, water circulation system and fans.

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