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Multimedia Content for the Company and Products
Customer Cases

1. Customer from the UAE
In 2010, a poultry company from the UAE invited our technician to visit its local farm. Based on local weather and poultry house, they worked together to design a fully automatic poultry production system. According to customer's need, we made samples and gained high satisfaction. Then, we manufactured poultry equipment for 10 poultry houses.

2. Customer from the USA
In 2011, a customer from the United States got in touch with us via Google. They are moved by our high quality products and complete service system. Then, the customer visited our company and got further understanding about our company and products. Totally satisfied, they purchased 3 containers of products as trial order. Through this order, we established a close partnership and we still cooperate today.

3. Australian Customer
In 2014, introduced by one of our old customer, we got in contact with this customer from Australia. Before the customer's visit to our company, we have made samples to his requirements and won his satisfaction. The customer paid the front money the next day when he went back to his country. Till now, we still keep good cooperative relationship with the customer.

4. Brazilian Customer
In 2012, we met the customer from Brazil in Beijing on the Tenth China Animal Husbandry Expo. That day, the customer visited our domestic poultry farming system project base, operated our poultry cages and expressed high praise to our product quality and services.

5. Nigerian Customer
In 2014, a customer from Nigeria visited our company and had an in-depth knowledge about our products. On the visit day, the customer placed the order and made the payment. The same year, our foreign trade specialist for African market investigated Nigerian poultry breeding market and visited the customer and its poultry farm. During the visit, the customer spoke highly of our products and explained high interest in becoming our agent in Lagos.

6. Kenyan Customer
The customer from Kenya has cooperated with us since 2014. In October 2015, we had a deep discussion with the customer about our cooperation plan in 2016 and reached a reciprocal agreement.