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Why Us?

Why is Dingtuo a great choice for poultry rearing cages and other poultry farming systems? Its industry leading production facilities and technologies, unmatched services and large customer base can account for it. Want to know more? Please browse further or contact us directly.

    1. Production Strength

      Dingtuo boasts the undoubted strength to produce efficient, premium quality, cost effective equipment for your poultry production needs.

      Wire Drawing Workshop
      We use high quality Q-235 high speed wire rods to produce laying cages, chick cages and broiler cages. Tensile strength of the material is up to 490MPa and elongation reaches 23%. With high hardness and elasticity, it makes our poultry cages hard to deform and extends service life by more than three years.

    1. Service and Support

      Our relationship with you does not end once we make the sale, or once we get your poultry equipment and rearing system in operation. We back up our commitment to quality with service over the entire lifecycle of your equipment.

    1. Customer Cases

      1. Customer from the UAE
      In 2010, a poultry company from the UAE invited our technician to visit its local farm. Based on local weather and poultry house, they worked together to design a fully automatic poultry production system. According to customer's need, we made samples and gained high satisfaction. Then, we manufactured poultry equipment for 10 poultry houses.